About Amma

Hailing from a modest South Indian village, Amma, revered as the “Mother of All”, has become a global symbol of boundless love, compassion, wisdom, and selflessness. Her journey, from a simple girl to an embodiment of universal motherhood, isn’t about childbirth but about an encompassing love and selfless giving.

Amma’s profound understanding of universal truths sets her apart. Without the backing of formal religious training or academic pursuits, she resonates with the wisdom that aligns with Ultimate Reality. Her childhood home in South India, transformed into an ashram, is now a beacon for thousands seeking spiritual enlightenment. Here, aspirants from diverse backgrounds are provided guidance tailored to their unique spiritual journey.

Renowned for her “darshan”, Amma’s embrace has comforted countless souls. These sessions, where she holds and comforts people, can sometimes extend up to 22 hours. Within her embrace, individuals across the globe have found a sanctuary—a place where they feel deeply understood, valued, and rejuvenated. She embodies an altruism that places the well-being and comfort of others above her own physical needs. Discriminating against none, her arms are open to all, whether atheist or devout believer.

Living by the philosophy of Advaita (non-dualism), Amma believes in the inherent divinity of all. This drives her to spearhead a plethora of humanitarian initiatives, ranging from establishing hospitals and orphanages to disaster relief efforts and robust employment programs. Her unwavering love and compassion inspire countless individuals worldwide to lead service-driven lives. Central to her teachings is the principle that love and compassion are the bedrocks of society. With these virtues at heart, genuine efforts to combat physical poverty emerge.

Her impact is not just spiritual but also global. In 2005, the Mata Amritanandamayi Math, Amma’s organization, was accorded special recognition by the United Nations for its vast charitable endeavors.

While labels like humanitarian, guru, and divine have been associated with her, Amma transcends these. Her life is an ode to service and unconditional love. Reflecting this ethos, she once voiced her desire to comfort and console until her very last breath.