Global Charities

Compassion should be felt for the sorrow of others. Their difficulties should be felt as our own. – AMMA

Today, Amma’s charitable projects have made an impact in more than 40 countries around the world. Her global charities are known as Embracing the World.® Please see below for an overview of Amma’s charitable works worldwide. Or click on for more details.

Empowering Women
Vocational training for 100,000 women through more than 6,000 self-groups across India and 1,000 groups in the Andaman Islands.
Microcredit loans for 3,500 groups, benefitting more than 60,000 families.

Education for All
100,000 scholarships for children from agricultural communities and those affected by AIDS.
Schools for hearing-impaired and mentally challenged.
Award-winning literacy and vocational training for India’s poorest tribal communities.

Disaster Relief
$1 Million – Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, 2011
$465,000 – Bihar Floods, 2008
$1 Million – Hurricane Katrina, 2005
$46 Million – Indian Ocean Tsunami, 2004

Building Homes
Built 100,000 homes with town halls, roads, wells, electricity, sewage systems, etc.
Relocated more than 1,600 families from slums into new apartments.
New homes for victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Raichur flood victims and Gujarat 2009 Earthquake.

Care Homes for Children
Running an orphanage in Kerala, India. The children have won awards and more than 1 in 3 have earned college degrees.
Other projects in Kenya, Africa include an orphanage, vocational training centre and a drinking water distribution project.

Fighting Hunger
Feeding more than 10 million people in India yearly.
Providing six million free meals and 185 tons of rice after the 2006 Indian Ocean Tsunami.
Feeding more than 75,000 people yearly in 40 North American cities.

Healthcare and Nutrition
Free medical care for more than $60 million since 1998.
AIMS Hospital (1,450 beds) offers free/subsidized care.

Community Outreach
Monthly pensions for 50,000 widows, the disabled and victims of poverty.
Care Homes for the elderly.
Sponsored weddings for the poor.

Green Initiatives
Various projects have been carried out in India, France, Europe, USA and Fiji.

Public Health
More than 1,000 clean-up drives have been undertaken.
The projects cover cleaning public areas, constructing public toilets and spreading awareness in schools.

Research for a Better World
This includes conducting research for landslide detection, developing educational applications and providing vocational education.
In 2011, A-VIEW won the Jury Award for Best Innovation in Open and Distance Learning at the World Education Summit in New Delhi.