Amma Visits Malaysia

What Amma does is not work. It is worship… Amma is worshiping her children as God. Children, you are all Amma’s God. – AMMA

Amma makes regular visits to Malaysia sine her first visit in 2002. She has coming almost every alternate year (except for 2014, when Amma came in 2015 instead). All visits had been to KL only until Her visit in 2012 which covered both Penang and KL. Her initial visits ran for two days, but have since been reduced to a day’s programme. All visits have seen massive crowds thronging the venue, the largest turnout being in 2006, when the crowd was estimated to be 40,000, the largest crowd for Amma visit in any centre throughout the world.

Devotees travel from far and near to see Amma, with some even flying in from nearby countries just to spend a few precious hours with Amma. Devotees have been known to arrive very early, even early in the morning and patiently wait their turn. Refreshments are provided to these early arrivals since they worry about losing their place in the queue if they go out to eat. The whole event is managed by volunteers who work tirelessly to meet the devotees’ every need and look after their welfare. For example, people requiring assistance due to illness or disability are provided special assistance to minimse their discomfort.

Amma would usually be given a traditional welcome when She arrives for the event, ranging from lion dances to bunga mangga (mango flowers – a traditional Malay welcome), children in multi-ethnic costumes and lighted lamps. As Amma makes Her way into the hall people would eagerly reach out to touch Her hand or pay their respects. Amma would be garlanded on arrival followed by the pada puja – the ritual to express gratitude to a revered spiritual teacher. After the welcome ceremonies, Amma would begin the event with a spiritual discourse in her native Malayalam, which would be translated into English and Tamil. Instead of deep spiritual philosophy, Amma’s discourses are practical pearls of wisdom, which anyone can immediately adopt and practise in their daily lives to embark on their spiritual journey, overcoming their problems and miseries.

Amma’s discourse would be followed by Manasa Puja (mental worship) and by a meditation session. Next on the programme would be bhajan (devotional songs). Amma would usually mesmerize devotees into ecstasy by Her divine rendition of a variety of bhajan, accompanied by Her swamis and other members of Her entourage.
Subsequently, Amma would begin giving Her darshan (blessing) to Her devotees. During this time, She would bless all who come, giving hugs to people from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds, as well as to both the ill and the well. It is said that each darshan experience is unique, with Amma devoting more time when a devotee pours out her woes, seeking solace from Amma. Amma usually continues her darshan without a break right through the night, usually ending by late morning of the following day.

The programme culminates with the arati (a rite of worship where a lit lamp is rotated clockwise) to Amma performed by Amma’s senior devotees as a sign of worship and respect. Just before leaving the hall, Amma usually enthrals the audience with a bhajan, before bidding adieu to her devotees lined all along Her path to the exit, many with moist eyes, beginning their yearning for Amma’s next visit.

Amma’s 2015 Visit

10th April (Friday)
Mines Exhibition Centre (MIECC), KL Amma in Malaysia

Amma’s 2012 Visit

9th April (Monday)
Putrajaya International Convention Centre (Perdana Hall) Amma, Preacher and Practitioner of Love

7th April (Saturday)
Penang International Sports Arena, Jalan Tun Dr Awang, 11900 Relau, Penang You have given hope to mankind

Amma’s 2010 Visit

28th March (Sunday)
Mines Exhibition Centre (MIECC), KL

Amma’s 2008 Visit

31st March (Monday) & 1st April (Tuesday)
Mines Exhibition Centre (MIECC), KL Amma in Malaysia 2008

Amma’s 2006 Visit

22nd April (Saturday) & 23rd April (Sunday)
Mines Exhibition Centre (MIECC), KL Amma in Malaysia

Amma’s 2004 Visit

23rd April (Friday) & 24th April (Saturday)
Mines Exhibition Centre (MIECC), KL

Amma’s 2002 Visit

25th March (Thursday) & 26th March (Friday)
Bangunan Peladang Nupw Hall, Petaling Jaya, KL Will Mother be welcome?