Amrita Kutumbam: Spititual Family Meetings

Hundreds of families in Malaysia are earnestly applying Amma’s teachings in their lives. They spend about two hours every week doing spiritual practices like meditation, bhajan singing, and group chanting of the Divine name. This takes place in the form of Amrita Kutumbams, the basic organisational units of Mata Amritanandamayi Math, in which a few spiritually inclined families from the same area gather together once a week to become recharged spiritually.

Bhajan/Satsang every Friday
Contact Mr Seenee Saraswathy: 012-9313529

Bhajan/Satsang every Thursday
Contact Mrs Sarojini Manikumar: 012-2738004

Bhajan/Satsang every Thursday
Contact Dr Sumithra: 012-5166334

Johor Bahru
Bhajan/Satsang every Friday @ 10 am
Contact Mr Ramesh: 016-7152610

Padang Serai
Bhajan/Satsang every Friday
Contact Mr Purushotoman: 012-4426996

In addition to weekly stasang, other activities include Kartika puja,  Pournami puja (on the occasion of the full moon), and prayers for the sick where the Sri Lalita Trishati Stotram  is chanted. Other projects include a recycling project, providing provisions on a monthly basis to single mothers and needy  families, and motivational talks.