IAM Technique

Through meditation, not only bliss, but also longevity, vitality, health, charm, strength and intelligence can be attained. – AMMA

Integrated Amrita Meditation (IAM) Technique is Amma’s meditation technique that is taught to the public, students, corporate, armed forces , and even prisoners . It is a modern day technique that has been time-tested , designed to suit the current mental conditions, time-constraints and needs of modern man. When practiced with dedication, it is designed to bring integration into our lives – an integration of body, mind, intellect and the heart. IAM Technique consists of a simple combination of yoga, pranayama and meditation, that takes just 20 minutes a day.

Amma has said that this meditation acts at a very subtle level– eradicating all our negative tendencies, slowly but surely, and gives obvious practical results very fast. She has assured us that if we practice IAM regularly we will see all aspects of our lives improve. IAM Technique is taught free of charge throughout the world by representatives of the MA Math. Click here to learn more about Embracing the World.