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The spiritual magazine of the MA Math, Matruvani, is published in 15 different languages including English, Tamil and Malayalam. Matruvani editions reach over 500,000 readers. The magazine contains Amma’s messages, spiritual stories and devotees’ experiences. Matruvani was first published in 1984 and through the years, has served as the primary medium through which Amma’s message of love is conveyed to devotees residing all over the world. Matruvani is published in 8 Indian languages – Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Bengali as well as English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Finnish and Japanese.

Subscriptions in India are handled through and overseas subscriptions are handled online through the Amma Shop.

“We may not be able to radically change the world. However, we can certainly bring about change within ourselves. Is it not from individuals that society is formed and government is born? That is why the individual mind must first be purified. There is no way to change the nature of the world other than this.”

“The mind is like a street. When we walk across a street, we will see various sights around us. Brawls may occur on either side. Ahead, there may be a circus show in progress. We may encounter roadside stalls and hawkers. There will also be many fairs. The traveler will walk towards his or her goal, unmindful of all these, because he or she is not out to see them. The destination is elsewhere.”