Organ Donation Initiative

People who donate their organs gain great punya [merit], so it is not only helpful to the receiver but also to the soul of the donor. – AMMA

AFM carries out the organ donation initiative in collaboration with the National Transplant Resource Centre (NTRC), Ministry of Health, with the intention of creating awareness of the need to pledge organs as a “Gift of Life” irrespective of ethnicity, colour, or creed.

In Malaysia, there is a huge demand for organs in view of the increasing number of patients who need transplants and the low percentage of pledges from the general population. This low number of pledges is said to be due to a lack of awareness as well as misconceptions about organ donation across the different segments of society. AFM embarked on this initiative to help increase the number of pledges by creating awareness and providing opportunities for devotees to make their pledges.

In 2003, Amma led by example by making an eye pledge, with all the residents of the ashram following suit. The organ donation initiative began during Amma visit in 2010, when about 660 donors signed up. In 2012 107 pledges were received in KL and 77 in Penang. And since then organ donation became a permanent feature in all AFM major projects with general public and devotees. Apart from regular pledges of organ donation, pledges of whole body donation for medical dissection and medical research were also received in considerable numbers. Give the body, live after your death